Breathing Center

Learning Center - Breathe Strong

Introducing our revolutionary “Breath Strong” program, an integral part of Sauna Strong Gym, designed to empower you with a profound breathing practice that transcends beyond our offerings and enriches every aspect of life. At Sauna Strong, we understand that breathing is an essential foundation – we do it all day long! That’s why we prioritize education and coaching on adopting a breath-focused approach.

Following is our philosophy around breathing and applying it to stressors like exercise, heat therapy and cold therapy so we can then apply it to better manage stressors of daily life. We also provide a collection of videos to introduce you to proper sound breathing patterns, styles and techniques. We harp on developing strong breathing muscles to enhance all areas of your life with drills and exercise you can practice to start creating awareness and developing your breathing practice.

Humans Are Built To Breathe

Through our thoughtfully crafted “Breathe Strong” program, you’ll gain access to a diverse collection of coaching protocols and instructive videos. These valuable resources will empower you to take full control of your breath, equipping you to apply its transformative power to all areas of your lifestyle. From fitness and wellness endeavors at Sauna Strong to everyday challenges, you’ll experience the profound impact of conscious breathing.

Unlock the potential of your breath and elevate your entire being with our program. It’s time to embark on a journey of holistic well-being, fueled by the power of your breath, leading to a life enriched with vitality and balance.

Intro Into The BREATHE STRONG Programming

Breathing is the most foundational human function. We are going to help you unlock your breath to better manage stress and develop a tool box of techniques to apply to all facets of life. Breakthrough breath focused training.

Reason Behind Breath Focus

We all breath, all day, yet many of us are not aware of our patterns or style of breathing which is hurting our performance in and out of the training space. Developing a breath practice and learning how to apply it to all workouts will create functional habits that carry over to life. Longevity, health & performance our the way to a happier human.